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bringing music to local schools

Musicians in the Making brings musical programs to

local schools through collaborative partnerships

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Our Program at the

Music Class

Since its grand opening in 2017, Musicians in the Making has partnered with Neo Immersion Montessori School in Pacifica, CA as a provider of music classes in their Enrichment Program. Music classes utilize singing, movement and dancing, and listening to engage students in discovering the environment around them, locally and globally. For more information on Neo Immersion Montessori School and their Enrichment Program, please visit:

Neo Immersion Montessori School

Our Program at

Music Class

Musicians in the Making is proud to provide music lessons in the extended-care program at Hilldale School in Daly City, CA since 2014. Music instruction is available in piano, violin, and guitar. Lessons spark the students' musical curiosity, develop their strong character, and provide them with the skills and determination to share their musical gifts with the wider community. For more information on Hilldale School, please visit:

Hilldale School